Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Christmas 2015

We loved having baby Daniel around. He is such a cute happy baby. 

Grandma gave the kids something everyday. The kids especially loved Christmas socks. 

Cooper has been asking for soft blankets. He wanted it soft on both sides. He loves this blanket. 

Grandpa gave Grandma all of these puzzles to put together so she had to guess what he was giving her. He gave her a trip to Europe to stay with Aunt Ann for a couple of weeks. She was thrilled. 

Taylor loved his new Netherlands shirt. 

Tim is really excited about Jon's hug. 

Cool Christmas Eve Pajamas.

These girls loved the little playroom under the stairs and spent hours playing under there. 

Cooper loved his star wars ship. 

One night before dinner Grandma and Grandpa were having a lightsaber battle with Cooper. 

Cooper was so excited to be home and finally be able to put her frozen lego set together. She is getting good at putting these together. 

We came home the 29th so the kids had time to relax and put their lego sets from G&G together. They sure had fun with it. Dad had to finish Taylor's but Conner and Justin did theirs. 

Conner loves his new goalie gloves. 

The boys got soccer cards. They were thrilled about them. They all got two boxes. Conner thought Santa made a mistake and gave Justin his box. They would open their cards and yell out names and were so thrilled. 

This is what Taylor ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next week. 

Kate modeling her new clothes. Cute girl. 

Justin was thrilled about his new bow and arrow in this huge box. 

Cooper's new lego book. He was so funny. Right in the middle of opening gifts he ran upstairs and brought some toys of Grandma's downstairs right in the paper mess. Funny kid. 

Christmas morning with all of the gifts spread out. 

Taylor got an expansion to Wonders a really fun game we love playing. 

Conner showing off his new indoor soccer shoes. 

Kate's pet shop house. 

Jake the pirate toys. 

Frozen Fever dolls. 

Chrismas Eve Pajamas.

This is the kids bombarding G&G Snow on Christmas morning. They were showing them all the things they got in their stockings. I love what Grandpa said Justin. He said he would be excited about anything he gets. He was thrilled about getting some needles to pump up his balls in his stocking. Grandpa was right he is always so positive. 

Conner was so excited to show us what he made in his class for us for Christmas. He had to bring the bag to  Grandma's house. I love that he wrote hugs. He made an ornament for us. We call Conner our Christmas Elf. He wore a Santa hat to school quite a few times. Justin did as well. Conner told Kate she is the perfect size to be an elf. He was so excited about Christmas he was giddy all week. 

Conner and Justin both got Garmin watches. They are thrilled about them. They set goals on them to walk so many steps a day and it tracks them. They also can track their miles and how fast they run. They have really enjoyed them. 

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