Friday, September 25, 2015

Fort Ross

Our last Saturday Adventure before school started. We drove up the coast a couple of hours to Fort Ross. It was an old Russian Military Fort. It was pretty cool. It was right along the coast line. We got to go inside most of the buildings. 

I loved the Russian designs. 

The boys especially loved the look out towers on every corner that had old cannons there. 

This was a little cover just outside the fort. Gorgeous view. 

The middle of the fort. 

The church and the bell that that they of course had to ring. It was quite loud. 

We could have spent hours in the General Store and trading post. They had tons of furs from animals and we had fun trying to guess what they were. Some of them were labeled but the kids had a blast playing with them. 

A cool windmill they had there. 

From there we drove along the coast a little farther to Salt Point State Park. We had a blast exploring the tide pools. The kids found tons of crabs and sea anemone. We hiked along the rocks. 

We decided to cross over the rocks to the other side of the beach. The kids made it look easy and I don't know how we didn't fall in carrying Cooper across the rocks. We were a little crazy. 

The rocks were so cool. The rocks were sand stone and the water made all these cool formations. It was pretty amazing. It was just really pretty and the kids enjoyed climbing all over the rocks and exploring. We had a great time and we are so glad we went. We love exploring new places and hiking around. 

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