Sunday, September 20, 2015

Big Sur

McKay Falls at Big Sur. Pretty awesome view of the ocean. We drove three hours and spent the day in Big Sur. It was pretty awesome. 
This is Justin's signature move whenever you ask to take a picture. We did a small hike to the Lime Kilns and the kids loved all of the logs they could climb across. It was really pretty.

We couldn't get over how blue the ocean was. 

We drove through this tunnel. It was pretty cool. On our way to Lime Kilns. 

We had a blast hiking in Lime Kiln park. They built these big fire places and would melt the lime of our of the rocks to make cement. They were so cool. You can hike right up to them and explore them. It was pretty awesome. We also hiked to a waterfall as well. The kids loved climbing on the big logs. It was pretty cool. Hence the million or so pictures. 

We tried another hike to the Tin House but it wasn't the right trail. So we turned around after hiking some big hills. It was still a great view.

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