Sunday, August 16, 2015

Yost Family Reunion

We made it to the Yost Reunion. It was so fun to have all 10 kids together for the night. Mom did a great job at the reunion. We have such a great family. Mom had everyone do ancestor stories, and we had a mustache contest. Her them was Got Yost and she told us what it means to be a yost, a hard worker, honest. Lisa made shirts and on the back she put, "High time you learn."  I made key chains that said, Got Yost. I think the highlight was the slide she rented. The kids loved it. We even got Grandpa to go down it. It was so fun. We did yard work outside of Great Grandma's house. We tore out all of these bushes. 

This was Nate's idea. To get everyone together so we could see all the Mission's everyone served in. I loved the idea. 

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