Friday, July 24, 2015

Comedy Show

We drove to downtown LA to a comedy club. They kept it very clean. We hit traffic so we were late and then we are such a loud group. I think some people left because of us. Our kids were the only kids there. It was a pretty small room. They did sports skits. Josh got up on the stage for one of the skits. It was actually pretty funny. I think the kids really enjoyed it. Traffic was bad coming back so I am glad that James was able to pick Jon up from the airport. I love that is says Hi Cousins on the billboard for us. 

The kids tried to make a human pyramid. It didn't last long but they had fun. 

We stayed an extra day and Jon came up with a scavenger hunt at Walmart. It was a lot of fun. We split into groups and had 30 minutes to find as many things as we could. I couldn't believe how exact Jon and Willy were. They were pretty competitive about some things. We took pictures on our phones as well. Jon's group won but I think Willy had some things to say about that. Miriam had it color coded as to where they wanted to go first. It was a lot fun. I worried about how to get there Sunday night in time for the reunion but it all worked out and it was fun to stay an extra day. We had a great week at cousin camp. The kids played well and enjoyed being together. So glad we were a part of it. 

Doing a Snow cheer. 

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