Sunday, July 12, 2015

Memorial Weekend

We took our friends the Jones and Smiths to Marine Headlands for the day. We love this place.

Cooper just loves Allie and is always looking for her at church and when she comes over for game night. He loves it when she plays with her. She is awesome. 

We hiked our to the lighthouse and almost got a clear view of the  Golden Gate bridge. It was a bit cold and windy but we loved it. 

I think our favorite thing to do was climb up this big dome. We were all entertained for awhile watching everyone try to climb up it. Even the Dads got into it. It was hilarious. At one point we had almost all of us up there.  It was harder than it looked to get up there. People would stop to watch us. I think we were quite the site. Justin made it look easy and kept climbing up it. 

Rachel and Josie enjoyed exploring with Kate in the barracks. 

I enjoyed just having Jon around and spending the long weekend with him. 

We love the Jones daughter Emily. 

We had flashlights to explore inside. We love coming to this place. 

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