Sunday, July 12, 2015

Last Pack Meeting

We had our last pack meeting before school got out on May 26, 2015. Conner got his bobcat, Justin got his bear, Taylor got his Webelos  and Arrow of Light. It was great night. I am proud of my boys and they had great leaders to get them there. 

Taylor walking across the bridge to Boy Scouts. 

Justin trying to pin on my pin in the windy weather. 

Conner getting ready to launch his rocket. Somehow I was in charge of making the rockets. We made them the week before pack meeting and Brother Rohrbaugh helped me by getting the machine to launch them. It turned out okay but I was glad when it was over. 

I can't believe that Conner is in scouts. He is very excited to be going with the boys now.  Instead of going to Costco or waiting for them at the church. 

Hunter Holmes also got his arrow of light. There was 7 boys who got it that night.  

Vicki Gilbertson was awesome as one of Taylors leaders. She pushed 7 boys to finish their arrow of light. Instead of painting their faces. She gave them candy bars and a feather she made at the end. She really worked hard and was so great. 

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