Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Justin's 10th birthday!

We had the Holmes over for Peach Cobbler. He thinks that Mason makes the best Cobbler. It is always a party when the Holmes come over. 

Not sure what this pose is but I like it. 
We took Craig and Michelle to the Jelly Belly Factory and Haley came too. 

We love Tallen. 

Jon took him to pick out his own sunglasses. He wears them all the time. Funny kid. I think he wanted to get some like Mason.

We were lucky enough to have Craig's kids at our house. The enjoyed looking at soccer cards. He is playing soccer in the fall. So he was excited about his own cleats, shin guards and cards. He had a great birthday. This kid cracks me up. He doesn't really play with toys. He loves everything survival and anything to do with soccer and he does look cool in his glasses. 

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