Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Conner baptism 6/13/2015

Conner was so excited for his baptism. He was a little nervous. He was blessed to have his Dad do the baptism. 

He is really excited about spiking up his hair. Someone mentioned that his mohawk was ruined. 

We loved having G&G Snow come along with Kim, Vanessa and Daniel and our good friends the Holmes. It was a really special day. 

The best picture of all of  us that we could get.

Love this big smile from Bridger. 

I love this kid and his big BYU bowtie. 

Cooper was trying to photo bomb our picture with his moves that he was trying to show us. In the next picture he was still doing the moves. 

We sure are grateful to have such good grandparents that are always there for us. It was a good day we are so glad they came. 

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