Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Cousin Camp 2015

The kids loved the necklaces we always make. The theme was sports this year. 

A family their ward came and put on for us for FHE, They told us stories from the Olympics and played some music on their guitars. I thought they did a great job for the kids. 

Their favorite thing was Soccer cards. They spent hours trading. They were so excited about them. This was Jon's Dad's idea. 

Kate loved having Sarah and Rachel to play with. 

We swam at Grandmas pool every afternoon. The kids loved it. 

The kids loved the zipline at the beach. Even Grandpa went with us one afternoon. 

Cooper loved the splash pad at the pool. 
We love Joe he is such a good kid. 

We love Grandma.

Cooper loved Rachel.

The kids practicing their song. 

We spent the morning visiting Great Grandma. She asked if the kids were supposed to do something for her. I said they would preform and preform they did. Jon loves singing and they sang for her. She loved it. 

Kids loved petting the Christina's turtles. She is always nice to let us come and see them. 

We had them jump over chairs as hurdles. 

The kids thought it would be fun to get Grandma all wet. 

Gena and I put on a Snow Olympics one morning. It turned into a water fight at the end but we did a bunch of games the kids played. I think they had fun. 

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