Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Big Basin Hike

We decided to go on a family hiking adventure one Saturday. Notice how happy the kids look before we leave. We weren't super prepared. We thought we would grab lunch along the way but the only place to eat was this small shop in the park. We didn't carry very much water with us to hike. Maybe next time we will be better prepared.  I think we were just trying to prove that we could do it. That our kids our good hikers. 

We thought this lizard was pretty cool with his blue tail. 

We decided to take the bike hike to see 3 water falls. The guide said it is a 10 mile hike but after talked to some people they thought it was more like 12 miles. Most people hiked to the first waterfall then turned around we decided to keep going. It was hot and humid that day but the trees provided good shape. It thought it was really pretty with the redwood trees. 

The kids were loving the trails and we even ran most of it to the first waterfall. Even Cooper did really good staying up with them. 

Here is the first waterfall. It wasn't really big so I am glad we kept going. 

This is the second waterfall. The kids loved to just climb on the fallen trees and under the waterfall and of course they had to get their heads wet. 

This is us at the third waterfall. It was so cool how it came off of the rocks. 

The 3rd water fall was so cool. The pictures don't capture how cool the water looked coming down from  the rocks. 

Even Cooper thought it was great to get his head wet like his brothers. I am loving Jon's socks. 

I love the face on this tree. 

Needless to say it was a long hike back. I have never been so tired or needed water so bad. We had to take turns carrying Cooper. It was hard to know how much longer before we got out. There were no signs until we got closer to the entrance. The kids were troopers and kept going despite how tired they were. Jon was a trooper as well singing while I was complaining. I think it was a bit too long for all of us but we had fun and were completely worn out the next day. 

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