Monday, April 20, 2015

Spring Break

I gave Lisa's boys some dress up clothes. They love Star Wars. 

I kids loved Tyce especially Kate and Cooper. Cooper kept saying he was his best friend and anytime we ate he insisted that Tyce was hungry too. 

For FHE Grandpa brought out some of his collections. The kids loved it. The peasant, and deer that he taxidermied himself.  I can never do the little mouse he whittled. He has a cool collection of coins. The kids loved it. 

His merit badges he earned. He could have his eagle by now. 

This was in there. It said Maybellene on the bottom. Lisa and I had a good laugh because I am pretty sure it is a pencil liner. Awesome. Must have been Mom's when then they were dating. 

He was so gentle with him and so interested in him. It was way cute. 
I love that he was trying to help Grandma sweep under the table by going under the benches. 

Grandpa and Scott helped the boys with their pinewood derby cars and Justin helped Chade make a light saver.

This is what he did when I asked him to smile. The weather finally got nice the last couple days we were there. The kids were always outside with no shoes or jackets and shorts when it was super cold. 

Justin made this rope swing with rope he brought himself and some string. The kids loved it. He still loves string and one of his favorite things to do is go to Home Depot and look at rope. 

He said he was going to get some rope to take home and this is what he came back with. 

Cooper loves his cousin Brex but he kept calling him Jack no matter how many times we corrected him. 

Sure loved having her there with us. Had to get a sister picture. It made the week more fun. We made some table runners with Mom's help and watched kids. I really love being home. I enjoyed Mom's awesome new kitchen and not having to run everywhere and the kids just played and we tried to help Scott and Grandpa. I loved that G&G could spend time with just our two families. I am always amazed at the kind of Mom Lisa is and how fun she is to spend time with. 

Cooper loves tractors. One of his favorite books to read is this documentary book on Tractors. So when he saw this one he told me to get a picture of him on it. He made all of these noises like he was driving it. He must have seen it in the book. 

We sure love having Scott around. He is always fun to spend time with. 

He had some help changing water. 

We had a a hot dog roast one night in the yard. The kids loved it. 

Grandpa was teaching him knots for his Webelos merit badge. 
We stayed an extra day so we went up to Kent and Jen's for the night. Her kids wanted to celebrate Kate's and Conner's birthday. It was fun to see their new shop. Kent is starting his own business soon. The kids loved spending time with and Mom and Scott came with us. My kids still talk about the good dinner she made for us and she came us her apple juice. I am glad we got to spend time with them. 

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