Monday, April 20, 2015


So I drove out the Friday before Conference by myself. It wasn't too bad. Five Kingdoms on audio really got us through and some hi-chews. It was fun to have cousins there for the weekend. Kent&Jen's kids and Kyle&Michelle were there. We loved baby Jack and the golf cart.  It is always good to be home but I sure missed Great Grandma Yost she is in AZ and of course everything reminds me of Grandpa. 

Some awesome lightning games.

This kids favorite spot on the golf cart is right behind the seat in the back. 

Nate brought his girlfriend Lauren for the weekend. Conference and Easter in the same weekend. It couldn't get better than this. 

I loved that my three boys were out on the farm barefoot and so was Uncle Nate. 

Cooper wasn't too sure about the barn but I sure love Scott's smile. 

Cooper was always hanging out with these guys. 

Not sure what Charlie was trying to do. 

We had fun helping Grandma out on the farm. There is a lot of pictures of Cooper with them. 

Braden was so excited to have the Easter Egg Hunt. I never seen a kid eat his lunch faster than he did. Then Kyle made them do all these Insanity moves before they could go outside and hunt them. 

I love Charlie and his crazy smiles. 

They were looking for clues for the treasure hunt. 

Jen gave them bubble wands. They loved them and had a blast with them. Charlie saved one for Grandpa and made him play with him. Cooper would dump the bubbles out just so he could use it as a sword. 

Justin was trying to kiss them. 

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