Friday, November 14, 2014

Halloween 2014

I found Kate's dress at a thrift store and she thinks she was Elsa on her Coronation Day. Kate said there was 100 Elsa's at her school. Her friend Heidi made a good Elsa. 

On our way to school. Taylor(Calvin&Hobbes), Justin/Conner marathon runners(except everyone thought they were tennis players because of their headbands), Cooper Captain America(some PJ's worked just fine and Queen Kate. 

Their metals they won were perfect for their costumes. 

Kate and her friend Conley during the school Halloween parade. 

Taylor with his buddies. He forgot Hobbes. 

We had a fun Halloween party at the church. I found the boys already trading their candy with friends. 

I had to go early to set up so I left Jon to get the kids ready. This is the costume he made up. He told people he was Moses. He made the kids tell a joke to get candy. Niko helped me make the rope that he was excited to wear. 

Life is better with 2 suckers. 

Justin during the Halloween parade. The kids walk around the block. It is always fun to see the kids and teachers. 

The kids had Halloween day off so we had the Holmes over to carve pumpkins. 

I think they were trying to really eat it. 

Showing off their pumpkins. 

This is the one Niko made. She spent a lot of time on it. Way cool! She takes it serious. 

Jon came home early and painted the raccoon. 

We all headed out to trick or treat. The kids traded candy for days. They spent just as much time trading candy as they did eating it. The school had a competition between the grades to see would donate the most candy to the army. So it was nice to not have so much around. 

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