Friday, September 12, 2014

Uncle Scott's trip

We had a fun week with Scott. He wanted to take a trip with us after his graduation from  BYU-Idaho. So we had him fly to Steve and Gena's for 4 days. We did the Wild Animal Park on Saturday. Cooper just loved the train we took from the parking lot to get to the entrance. That was all he needed. 

I loved the misters they had. It was hot and humid and busy. 

It was a big park. Look at Conner's blue eyes. We took a train ride around this big open area that they created to look like Africa. SO awesome. You could pay like a hundred bucks to ride in a caravan and feed them. We were content with our 25 dollar ticket to get in which included the 30 minute train ride. 

Cooper was just a chatter box the whole time because he kept seeing other trains. He was hilarious. 

The awesome cheetah. 

The only rhino of this kid in existence. I loved the guy that drove our train. He would sing and whistle. 

The Zebra. Cooper was so excited and he can even say Zebra. I think he enjoyed the zoo more than anyone. 

The baby giraffe was so cool. 

We loved being with our cousins Josh, Ben and Evan and Gena and Steve came as well. 

He talked and pointed the whole time non stop. 

They brought out this animal called a caracol. Taylor knew what it was when she asked the crowd if anyone knew what it was. She would swing this ball in the air and he would do a back flip to get it. It was pretty cool. He eats birds out of the sky and that is why his ears look like feathers on the so he can distract them. They had him our for awhile. It was so cool. 

The cheetah run was worth waiting for. Apparently he is friends with this dog. They had him run this course twice by pulling something on a string for him to chase. It was pretty cool. I could hardly video him because he was so fast. 

Josh totally photobombed our picture that turned out bad anyway. 

We were there for Ben's 9th birthday. Gena made this FIFA world cup cake and we had gelato. The kids loved being at their house and spend hours watching studio c and playing on their tramp. 

We decided to hike to Drippings cave by Gena's house. It was cave where horse thieves would hide their horses. It was kind of a long hot hike. Cooper refused to walk until Scott carried him for awhile and then he was good to run the rest of the way. It was fun and nice to get out and exercise and the kids were good sports about it. 

Josh swore that this was a cougar den. We believed him. 

We love Scott. He was a blast to be with. 
We had a hotdog roast for FHE on their fire pit. Scott built a blazing fire and the kids loved it. Evan loves making them and cooks them perfectly.  

On Friday we went to one our favorite places Marin in Sausalito. The Holmes came with us. Cooper thought this stick was awesome because he got his finger stuck in the bottom of it. 


Some sea lions. We lighthouse was closed but we hiked down a little ways anyway. 

The views are always so awesome anywhere you climb. 

The kids just love climbing around the barracks and exploring. Niko reminded us to bring flashlights. So we had all of these little lanterns.  

We went inside and looked around. This is up climbing out. 

Conner decided to go underneath it to get out. He wasn't going to wait to climb out. I don't know how they moved this metal to allow you to climb inside. 

This was the kids idea of how to get to the top instead of go up the stairs. We had to follow them to get all the kids up. 

Some of them are a bit scary like this one with the floors worn out. 

point bonita lighthouse. 

Hey we are glad to have such good friends like the Holmes. 

I love that you can hike right on top of the cliffs. 

Another one we hiked out to. 

We are so glad Scott came. He even got to hike half dome with Tim. The kids loved having him around and I thought we had some grand adventures with him. I think we spent 20-30 hours in the car with all of our driving the week he was here but hey that is part of the fun right. 

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