Friday, September 5, 2014

Cousin Camp 2014

We spent a week at Grandmas house for Cousin Camp. She did a great job. We loved seeing Val's family they live in Texas now. We just love their kids. Kate loves her girl cousins Sarah and Rachel. 

We just love Evan. He is quite the kid. 

This is his new way to smile. Love it. 

For FHE we had to make a song up from a scripture story. This was Grandpa's idea. We had Joe and Evan in our group. We made up a song from Daniel and the Lion's den. Joe had the idea to use what the song "what did the fox say?" Pretty classy. Val and Miriam did Frozen. It was really fun. 

The kids loved making their own necklaces. Cooper was so patient even though it came off the string twice. Conner loves this kind of stuff. 

Grandma claimed she could never understand Cooper. Cousin Camp is all because of her. She makes it so much fun for the kids even though it is hard on her and wears her down. She is great. 

My craft was we decorated fabric bags. We each took a day to do a craft. 

Cousin Sarah did science experiments with them. Ice sculptures with food coloring and colored bubbles, milk and dawn soap. It was a lot of fun.  

Val did a great job on her's. She had Articles of Faith stations where they had activities at each station. Puddle jumpers was a big hit but it hurts without shoes on. 

We went to the beach after the zoo. We also had to go the candy store first in Carpenteria. Grandpa spent the whole time throwing kids in. 

Gena had them decorate notebooks. Everybody loved his idea to decorate the face. Conner did a nice job depicting himself in 5 years. 

Lyndsey Sharp helped the kids make marshmallow shooters. They loved them. The used plastic cups and balloons. Oh what fun they had. 

Probably my favorite picture. We swam at Grandmas pool almost every day. Cooper loved the kids area. 

I didn't do lessons for the kids this year. Kate is getting more comfortable in the water and Conner too. 

Conner and Evan had fun together. 

This was our grand finale. Grandma paid a guy to come and make things out of balloons for the kids. Jimmy loved his sword and shield. 

This guy was so good. He stayed for more than 2 hours just making things for the kids. 

I think our favorite was a motorcycle for Cooper. He kept trying to ride it until it broke. He was so excited about it. 

Justin loved his bow and arrow.

Taylor's soccer ball. 

The silly hats he made were super fun. 

I loved the wings he made Ben that were bigger than he was. 

Kate gave Grandma her bouquet of flowers. This guy was so good and patient with the kids. He made them a ton. 

Kate even got Elsa. 
More of Val's game and Grandpa even got in the fun and tried to put Cooper in a bucket of water. 

The kids had to take clothes pins off of Grandpa for part of Val's game. I think Grandpa enjoyed it. 

We put a movie on in the afternoons to calm them down. 

Grandma always makes fun cupcakes. 

Santa Barbara Zoo. 

Cooper loved every minute of the zoo. It was a great zoo. Not real big but perfect for the kids. 

Grandma bought the all some cool glasses to wear/ 

Conner loved the penguins and looked so cool in his glasses. 

Cooper just loves the song, "what does the fox say? " So we were lucky enough they had one there. 

The kids loved this dinosaur show they put on. I loved the cool costumes they had. 

We enjoyed the monkeys and how they would just hang out on the bridge. We loved spending time with cousins for cousin camp. We are grateful that Grandma does them. The kids really get to know their cousins and learn more about the gospel. 

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