Friday, November 8, 2013


We took a two hour train ride to Salsburg, Austria. It was one of the prettiest train rides ever. Green fields and church buildings. It was great. Then we walked through Salsburg Friday. This is the Mirabell gardens in Salsburg. I loved the flowers and they made these designs.

These were the troll gardens that we walked through. I thought it was pretty unique with all the different statues.

There is a big fortress over looking the city. It is called the fortress Hohensalzburg.
It means literally High Salsburg Fortress and is one of largest fortress in Europe. We walked through most of it and what a cool view it was. It was built in 1077 and since was added on in later years. It was closed for tours to go inside some of the rooms but were still able to walk through it. I think we were excited to not have to pay to go inside. 
I loved all the old lamp posts on the way up to the fortress. 

We shopped down town for awhile. I love the door handle on this shop. It was fun to window shop but things were kind of expensive. Steve found a good chocolate shop and we enjoyed the buying chocolates. 

This was cool church that looked like it was cut inside of the mountain. So cool. 

This was way cool the tunnel they cut through the mountain. 

We thought the kids would love this picture of a shop that had these swords on the wall as we walked down the stairs. 

On the bottom of the hill before we climbed to the fortress. You could take this cable car up the side of the mountain. We enjoyed the hike it was pretty steep. It was funny to see this little car drive up the hill and it barely fit in the big doors. It was like it was made just to fit that space. 

A cool fountain in the Mirabell Gardens. 

This was such an amazing view and we were only about half way up to the fortress. We couldn't get over the rolling hills and how pretty is was with the fall trees. 

This is looking up the side of the fortress from the outside. Look at those cool windows. 

Jon loved the old buildings and would just run his hands over them and kiss the walls. He was so intrigued by how old they were. 

A cool old fountain inside of Mirabell gardens. 

This was in the square in the middle of the city. 

A cool view from the top of the fortress. 
This is how big the fortress was. It loomed above the city. 

A cool building in the gardens. 

This is where we crossed over the love bridge. To downtown Salsburg. It was short walk from our hotel to most of the city. 

This is more of downtown and the yellow building is the home of Mozart. 

A cool statue in downtown. 

This is our friend we met. We bought three pictures from him. They were so neat and he hand painted them. He even helped us later when it was dark and we were trying to find the restaurant for our fancy Mozart dinner. I think he was just super glad that we had bought pictures from him. His name is Zindovic Radovan-Igor. 

I love how they are trying to grow a garden on the roof top. 

This was the cannons inside of the castle. 

Our fancy Mozart dinner we had that night. We paid quite a bit for the dinner and then we had to spend $20.00 in just water for all of us. That is what the green bottle is. During each course they had some performers sing opera music. Honestly it was okay but I had a hard time staying awake. I thought the food was good. Bread, some pumpkin dumpling soup, meat and a fun desert. This was in the oldest restaurant in Europe. It was built in 803. So this young couple sat at our table. I loved the way they were dressed in the cool wool jackets and she had on one of the dresses. They spoke English and we talked to them for a bit. What we loved about not understanding the language is. You didn't have to hear other peoples gossip. We were kind of in our own world but there was a lot of people that did speak English. So our young friends had wedding rings on. Or so we supposed but we never asked even though we wanted to. I couldn't finish all of my meal. So I gave Jon my whole plate and then I had to smile at our new friends because she was giving her husband her plate as well. I just found that pretty funny. We laughed at each other and somehow we didn't have to speak the same language to know what the other person was doing. It was a fun night. 

This is the sign outside of the door the restaurant we had our concert at. 
This is a picture of our Lemon curd desert. It tasted like ice cream but more fancy with the all the side toppings.  

The river was pretty cool that it ran right through the city. 

In the town square. I am not sure what the guy on top is supposed to be but it was cool looking. 

Jon loving the view from the top. 

Walking or rather hiking up to the fortress was fun and worth it. 

More statures in the gardens. 

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