Friday, November 8, 2013

Neuschwanstein Castle

This was right outside our window in our hotel. I loved how cool the buildings were.  

This is proof that we did go to church. The rest of the truth is that we couldn't get in. There was three other couples there. One from Utah, Arizona and Hamburg. They must of had stake conference because nobody showed up. We had a reservation to go castle or else we could have tried to find another church. It was a tall building in the middle of a quite neighborhood. We wore our church clothes the rest of the day to help remind us it was Sunday. 

We took a 2 hour train ride to Fussen to see the castles. We didn't take of  tour of this castle named
 Hohenschwangau castle

This was lake down below the castle. It is called Swan Lake. 

You can pay to take a buggy ride up to the castle it is only a thirty minute walk but so worth it. It was raining when we walked back from the castle. 

Steve hiking up with his swords he bought in his back pack for his kids. 

This was growing inside the castle wall right before we went inside for our tour. You couldn't take pictures inside the tour. It was short tour that only lasted thirty minutes. The art work was stunning. There was huge paintings everywhere on the walls. 

We hiked over to this bridge and took pictures from it with the castle behind us. Then we tried to hike more to get to a ledge to get a better view. After hiking for thirty minutes we realized it was taking us in the wrong direction. We headed back and found a way to get a ledge and we had the most awesome view of the castle. It was fun to hike in church clothes but totally worth it. It was built in the 1800's. 

This is us trying to hike this path. We were taking a shortcut but it was hard to get up it. 

I loved the swan on top of the castle. 

A part of Neuschwanstein Castle in the village. 

Just a cool building we passed on our way up to the castle. 

A sweet view about half way up the castle. I loved the hiking more than anything.

The drawbridge looking door that we can in. Sweet. 

This was the inner courtyard. 

Waiting to go in for our tour. 

I loved the statues on top of the castle. 

Some sweet views from the bridge. 

I loved the detail they put into i. 

This is a sweet view from the ledge. King Ludgwig the second built this castle. Only 1/3 of the rooms were finished. His room was the most ornate. His bed had all of these statues on it. It was the inspiration for Disneyland's Sleeping Beauty castle. His paintings were to depict Richard Wagner's operas and were amazing.  It was incredible to think we actually walked through that and the view from a far was so cool. 

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Michelle Y. said...

That castle is amazing! I can't believe you guys went there!