Friday, November 15, 2013

BMW museum and the Welt.

This was one of the biggest reasons we went to Germany was to go to the BMW musuem. Sweet. We walked through the welt as well. That is where we rented our car from and walked through the stores there. Jon loved the MINI store. 

The BMW factory. We didn't go inside there but all three buildings are close by each other. The welt, museum and factory. 

We had just spent 5 hours on the segway's with only hot chocolate to sustain us. By the way we didn't like their hot chocolate. They used bittersweet chocolate. Then we were worried about not having enough time at the museum before it closed. We didn't enjoy the museum as much because we were hungry and tired. Steve would've stayed there all day. 

I had to get a picture of this guy in the tour group with his lederhosen. We almost bought Cooper a pair because we thought they looked so cute. 

They had models of how they have improved the quality of their engines. 

I can't imagine how they raced inside of these things. 

I love how they had to put these straps on to hold the engine down. 

Jon's dream car. It looked sweet. 

I thought this car was cool because you got in by opening the hood. We thought our mini was small but not compared to this. 

We had fun sitting inside the mini they had there. 

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