Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Cooper 18 Months

This is the face he makes when he sees a bird. He loves animals and when we are at the park all he wants to do is chase dogs and pet them. He loves to stand at my big window and look for birds. He is speedy and I love to watch his little legs move. He never sits still and just plays with toys. If I can't find him he is usually upstairs in the boys bathroom eating toothpaste and chewing on toothbrushes. He does love to be outside and is always going down the slide. His 18 month stats are:
Weight: 21 lbs. 4 ozs.(5%)
Length: 32(25-50%)
HC: 48%

I took this the first Sunday he went into nursery. Yeah! He loves it and can't get in there fast enough every Sunday. I thought he looked so cute in his white shirt and spiked hair. His eyes have changed from blue to green. I love them. One of his favorite things to do is wave at people. He does it in the grocery store and he will even try to wave at car seats or strollers that are empty. He is just a friendly kid what can I say? 

He is so cute about folding his arms. He did this on his own and now he is always folding his arms wanting to pray. Then afterwards he has to clap his hands because he is so proud of himself. He is such a smart kid. Almost too smart. He is fascinated with cleaning. He always takes my brooms out to sweep and my mop is never in the right place. The other day I was cleaning dirt off the walls with cleaning wipes. He was crying or doing something to bug me, so I handed him a wipe and he was set. He was helping me and loved it. The vacuum is another story. He cries when I won't let him take it out. Another thing he loves to do is wrestle on our bed with the boys and Dad. If you are laying down he thinks he needs to climb on you and wrestle. We thought he was so cute how he could say Daddy, but he says that to everyone when he wants them to come and play with him. He loves to set Ready, I say set and then he says go and then he runs across the room. He is very quick to pick up on things and can grab anything even if you think you put it somewhere safe. He loves to put lids back on things and a water bottle lid can keep him entertained for hours. He is just a fun kid to be around. We love our Cooper. 


lisa said...

Oh my! He looks so grown up! What a cute kid. Loved all the pictures! Can't wait to see you all!

Tonja said...

What a cutie! It looks like you have had some great adventures this summer. I loved the cousins camp...what a great idea!

Michelle Y. said...

Cooper is so cute and grown up in these pictures! Have fun in Germany!!!