Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Day!

Ninjago headbands were in a hit in their stockings and they loved them.

Taylor loved his Harry Potter Lego set from Grandma Snow.

Justin wishes that this was his Christmas gift, but McQueen is Steve and Gena's dog that he is always so excited to walk when they come.

We loved having Matt&Elyse with us. They are always a blast to be with.

Conner loved his Cars blanket from Grandma Yost. It is so awesome.
Justin got a harmonica and boy can he play.

Jon's new beau tie I got him. Pretty sharp looking guy.

This rope came from Grandma Snow and he loved it and there will be more posts later with his inventions I am sure.
Justin was so excited about his horse riding lessons he got. The gift came with this horse and the gift certficate inside and he had a great time talking to Matt&Kim Taylor.

Conner loves this Geo Trac set and has had a great time with it.

T&J got a remote control car from my Mom and have loved all the fancy tricks they can do.

Kate got the Tangled Doll and loves it. True to form the hair is very tangly.
Taylor told me he doesn't believe in Santa Claus because it sounds too much like a fairy tale just like Rudolph is. He also infomed me that all of this gifts came from his grandparents because they didn't say from Santa on them. Another fact he stated was that he didn't receive any coal last year and he thought he deserved some. So Jon bought six bags of coal and gave it to our whole family with a note saying, he thought we deserved some coal. It was licorice gum that looked like coal and they were very excited about having gum. He is a funny kid, but he was very excited and grateful for what he got on Christmas day.

The kids picked these out for me to resemble themselves. Justin(dog), Conner little boy, Taylor(book reader) and Kate is Kate. I loved them and they had a fun time picking them out for me. How fun to have a whole family to put out.

Taylor had his Lego set out before we even finished unwrapping stuff that is how excited he was.
Conner loved his pillow pet and was tracing the letters. Go Giants.

Kate got a girl Ninjago and was so excited about having her very own spinner to play with the boys.

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Pollock Palooza said...

I forgot about the bow ties! And I think it's SO FUNNY that Justin loves dogs. I'll trade places with him. He can join my family and I'll join yours. We've got the most high strung dog you've ever met! I'm always making plots to stage his "accidental" escape. The problem is our dog won't leave the neighborhood and all the neighbors know where to bring him back. I'm grateful for good neighbors, but always looking to sell a dog.