Thursday, May 5, 2016

Wilder State park

This was such an awesome hike. We took the Holmes with us. We hiked these farms and then along the coast. It was incredible. 

For Scott. 

The kids just enjoyed climbing in the big trees. 

We love the Holmes. They are almost like family to us. 

The view was so pretty. We hiked down by the beach to get to the other side but most of the hike was along the cliffs. It was awesome. It looked like a different country. 

This was the trees by the farm they hiked through. 

This is my awesome pregnancy picture. I am 7 months pregnant and determined to hike till the end. 

I love this guy and my black invisible jacket that hides my pregnant belly. 
He found a snail. 

We drove to Henry Coe Park and hiked in the redwoods. It was fun. It is crazy how you can drive a couple of miles and have a totally different hiking experience. It was fun day. We are grateful we have so many fun places we can explore and that we have fun people to do it with. 

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