Sunday, July 12, 2015

Ward Lake

Jon drove up to Fresno Saturday morning so we could go to Ward Lake with Michelle and Craig and her Dad. It was a lot of driving for one day. Jon did like 10 hours of driving in one day. This was Michelle's Dad's favorite spot to fish. It was in the middle of now where. We were on this windy roads high in the mountains. The kids had fun fishing when they weren't trying to fish. It was pretty quiet up there. 

Cooper and Tallen spent the whole time fishing with rocks and sticks.

Jon let Cooper have the pole for a minute and somehow the whole line got tangled. I have now successfully broken 2 of  Jon's poles.

Jon told Jim that he had a banana for breakfast and he said that was bad luck. He said that he always catches fish but we fished for a few hours and didn't catch anything. They stayed longer than we did because we drove home that night. They caught three fish after we left. We must have been bad luck because of the bananas. He was serious about it. 

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