Sunday, July 12, 2015

Open House

Kate was so excited to show off her school work at open house. She loved her painting, her caterpillar book. She loves her teacher Mrs Hillman. She had a great year in kindergarten. 

She loves her friend Conley. They both said they wanted to have six kids in their family. Love it. 

Mrs. Hillman

Conner showing off his time line he made in class and his report on Walt Disney. 

He loved having Ms. Gee and Mrs. Craig for two years in a row. He really did well this year and they called him their super reader. He has struggled with reading but he really improved this year. Way to go Conner we are so proud of him. 

Taylor wasn't too thrilled to show off his work he did in class but we made his show us and he even performed a little bit for us. 

Taylor and his friends Jace, and Jake C. 

Justin really worked hard this year. He did a lot of writing. This is just one story he wrote and he spent a lot of time putting together his Marine Headlands book.  His teacher Mrs. Garrison just thought he was wonderful and always had good things to say about him. He worked hard and had a great year in 4th grade. 

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