Monday, May 11, 2015

PineWood Derby2015

Cooper wasn't as excited about the hug from Kate as she was. They had fun at the boys pinewood derby. 

I love the names they name them. I had nothing to do with it. I was just glad that Scott and Grandpa helped them cut out their car on the farm the week before and Grandpa put the weights in. When we weighed it in on Tuesday one of them weighed too much and the other one was fine. We had trouble with his scale so we were supposed to get there early to fix Taylor's car. Well we didn't and so they were waiting on us to start and I am trying to glue in weight and Jon was talking to someone. I thought this was the Dad's job so I was stressed out trying to get his help. It was fun in the end and he did help. The boys painted their own cars one afternoon. I am just glad the wheels stayed on. 

The green one is Justin's in the middle. 

So Kristina told us that they placed 20th(Justin) and 21st(Taylor) place out of 30 kids. They had such a good attitude about it and were excited about that. Kristina was impressed that they had such a good attitude. They did race against each other once. Justin was 1st and Taylor was second. Grandpa would be disappointed because I didn't even sand the wheels.  Diego Suarez made his car with his Mom's help the day before. Every race he won he was so excited. I have never seen a kid more excited about winning. He won overall. It was just fun to see his face. Well we had a fun night. This is Taylor's last year but we still have quite a few more to go. Yeah!

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