Friday, May 22, 2015

Mother Day!

We had a great Mothers Day. We invited Barbara Nagel and Livia McDonald over for dinner. We love these ladies. They are in our ward. We do a lot with Livia and she just loves the kids and gives them hugs every time she sees them. Jon took Taylor grocery shopping. They had ravioli, salad with strawberries and walnuts and fancy rootbeer. They did an awesome job at spoiling me. 

I loved Conner's book he made at school. I love his description of my teeth. 

This is a picture of Conner and I. 

Kate drew this for me. I loved it. She did such a good job and was so excited about it. She made the flower as well. 

They were so excited I had to open them when I woke up. Jon spent the day shopping with Kate. He gave me some new slippers and a necklace(origami owl from the Hodges), and he spent a lot of time researching a new CHI.
I do feel blessed to have such good kids. At times I wonder how did this happen. I love being able to be home with the crazies. They keep me smiling, they are amazing kids. I am grateful for my Mom. I still have along way to go to be like her. 

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