Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Spring Break Fun!

We spent the week at LA for our Spring Break. We had a great time. I drove the 5 hours to G&G Snow's on Monday and then Jon flew down on Friday. On Saturday we went to the Ronald Reagan museum. They had a traveling baseball exhibit. It was a blast. We got to walk through the air force one airplane and a helicopter. The kids enjoyed if we moved fast through it.

We love our grandparents.

This a replica of the berlin wall and the kids crawled through it.

Cooper was just so excited about sitting on the horse. I love the way he says it. Ronald Reagan had a ranch and loved horses.

We did the baseball exhibit last. It was huge. I couldn't believe all the stuff they had in there. Jon is a huge baseball fan and the kids loved seeing all of it.

Paul and Sarah and their kdis came too. Kate loved her cousins. Sadie and Rebecca.

This is a piece of the berlin wall. James and Jasmin came with us as well.

Grandma Snow filled 300 eggs and the men hid them at the park and the kids had a blast finding them.

Cooper of course loved it all. There was so many eggs. We ended up with tons of candy.

Fun easter dress and bow ties. Love it.

We went to Ventura with Grandma one day. It was fun. Cooper loved it.

The kids loved watching movies. Cool runnings and surf ninjas.
These two were buddies.

The coolest part of the beach was seeing the dolfins swimming. There was like 4 of them. It was so cool.

We had to make the tradional egg nest that my Mom always makes. They always taste good.

Grandma made sugar eggs ahead of time that the kids got to decorate. They really enjoyed it. We also swam a few times at their pool. So we really enjoyed spending time with them for a week.

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