Saturday, August 3, 2013


Kara came to visit for the day while we were in Idaho. It was fun to see her now that she is closer and lives in Utah. Her kids are super cute and we swam on the lawn and had fun. We were so lucky to have such good cousins growing up and we have quite the stories to tell and reminisce about.

Lyndsey also came up to see us. She moved to Idaho Falls a couple months ago. It was fun to see her and her two boys for the day. I have still never met her husband. She has been through a lot and I love her positive attitude. She is awesome. Matt made fun of my Jamba Juice shirts that I wore. Jon got them for me and I love them. Anyway it was fun to catch up with our cousins. We looked forward to the summers and having them come and stay with G&G. I still remember all of the letters we used to write each other. We were so blessed and still are.

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