Saturday, August 25, 2012

new pictures

A good friend Sheryl Zappatini took some pictures of the kids. She did it on two separate occasions at this old school house by her house. This was the only picture we got of Taylor smiling. He has such pretty eyes. He made all these grumpy faces or quirky smiles.
It didn't take long to find one we liked of Kate. Jon and I chose this one right away. I love how Michelle edited them for me. Awesome. I wasn't planing on having them color coordinated until Jon said it would look better. So I took all 5 of them to Kohl's a half an hour before swim lessons started. I thought I had a shirt for Conner but when I got home I realized I didn't so what did we do. We drove to Kohl's again. I saw the same guy who checked us out earlier in the day and chose not to check out with him. I love the colors so 20 minutes of craziness is worth it. This girl is a ham when it comes to pictures and smiles easily when you tell her she is a princess or tell her to show you her hair.

Justin has a good smile and it such a good kid.
Conner has a cute smile and I love the freckles he has that go right across his nose.

Cooper is pretty darn cute. We couldn't get a big smile out of him but close enough.

She was showing us her hair in this one.

I thought she did a great job. It was much easier to do it just of the kids. It has been fun to have new pictures in our house and realize how great the kids are and how much we love them. As summer winds down I realize how much I will miss them and all the noise that comes with them. When the three boys were gone at scout camp is was too quiet. When Kate and Cooper were napping it was silent in the house and that changed quickly after they came back. I love listening to them play and trade cards and dig in the dirt and I even missed the tetherball swinging around the pole. We sure are blessed with such great kids.


lisa said...

Oh my goodness! I loved these pictures! Taylor really does have such amazing eyes! I think these are the best pictures ever of your kids! I'll probably say that next time they get pictures too, but wow! Loved them! Too bad I couldn't have been there to whip out a blue bow for Kate! :) :)

Tonja said...

They look great! I love the colors of their outfits! You have such cute kids!