Friday, April 27, 2012

Cooper 1 month

His cute little smile even though it is blurry.
Cooper is such a good baby. I am such a picture taker and am always trying to get the best shot of him. He knows how to sleep and from week 2 he was sleeping 5-6 hours at night. He really spoils me. He is really alert and will move his head side to side to watch the kids trying to figure out what they are doing. They can't get enough of him and are always so sweet with him. He loves to be swaddled and calms down when you wrap him up tight. He sure is spoiled and loves to be held and stops crying as soon as you pick him up. His little smile is so cute and hard to catch on camera, but is very sweet. He is fun to hold because he will just stare at you until his little eyelids become too heavy to keep open.Some days I feel like I don't get much done because he is so sweet I want to sit and hold him just a little longer.  It is so hard to see who he looks like with his dimple chin and furrowed eyebrow and little bald head. At times his hair even looks a little red, but we will see. At his six week appointment poor guy had to get five shots. He weighs 9lbs 12oz and grew from 20 inches to 21 3/4 inches. It feels like he has been in our family alot longer. He is so good to go with the flow and be dragged around everywhere. I love to see the kids reading or singing to him or bouncing him on the bed to keep him calm. Coop we love you so much.  


Michelle Y. said...

I love your boys bow ties and I especially love that second picture of Cooper. I can't wait to meet him in July.

lisa said...

He sure is looking cute! Where does the time go, he's growing up so fast! Love the cute bow-ties, you did a great job!