Monday, January 16, 2012

Horseback riding lessons

Justin had his first horse riding lesson. He got five lessons for Christmas and was so excited to go. He walked right up to the pony and was very confidient and loved every minute of it. He told his teacher all about "Man from Snowy River." He got the second movie for Christmas and has loved it and it always making whips for other kids and Jim Craig is the "bomb" to him. He had a private lesson that was suposed to last 30 minutes but it went longer. The horse he rode was Willie and now they are best friends. His teacher Samantha seemed great and was very patient with him. She said most kids don't have the strength to get up out of the saddle. She had him do all of these exercises to help him learn how to canter. She was impressed that Justin was able to get up out of the saddle. I had all of the kids there and it was fun to just watch him ride and play with the yappy dogs. "Go Justin."


Mindy Gulbranson said...

I think that is so neat that he is doing that. He will always remember his horseback riding lessons. He will have to go horseback riding when you come to visit me. He can teach me how to ride. :)

lisa said...

What a Stud!! That really will be such a memorable gift for him. How fun to get to watch him too.